From group rooms to creativity spaces and art galleries – here you will find the right conference room for your event

THE perfect location for congresses, conferences and meetings.

4 conference rooms from 50 to 188 m² are located on the newly renovated, separate conference level. On the ground floor you will also find a 140 m² Creativity Space and a 125 m², variable and almost completely glazed conference room.

Mobile walls in the art gallery as well as a spacious foyer provide enough space for registration and reception, for coffee breaks and exhibitor areas. The foyer can also be expanded to include a new event room measuring approx. 140 m². So all your participants, sponsors, exhibitors or posters will find enough space.

Your conference in the Kunsthalle Dresden.

The 600 m² Kunsthalle Dresden belonging to the Penck Hotel Dresden is unique in its kind and the highlight of the four-star hotel. Where else do you have the opportunity to create unforgettable experiences for your participants and guests in industrial design with large-format works of art on the walls? The innovative art and event center in a central downtown location forms the perfect setting for your sustainable events, from classic conferences to gala evenings.

Explore the Kunsthalle Dresden
Raum Theater U-Form Block Parlament Bankett Raumhöhe Größe
Ceiling height
Room A 100 30 40 70 100 3,00 m 188 m²
Room B 65 28 34 55 70 3,00 m 155 m²
Room C 20 12 14 12 3,00 m 27 m²
Room D 20 12 14 12 3,00 m 27 m²
Room E 40 20 24 20 40 3,00 m 54 m²
Room Y 80 25 30 50 60 3,20 m 144 m²
Room Z 60 26 30 40 3,20 m 125 m²
Kunsthalle 400 80 90 300 240 4,30 m 600 m²
Kunsthalle – Covid19 100 35 40 100 tba 4,30 m 600 m²
Room A – Covid19 42 18 22 42 tba 3,00 m 188 m²
Room B – Covid19 30 12 16 26 tba 3,00 m 155 m²
Room Y – Covid19 24 12 15 20 tba 3,40 m 155 m²


With a ceiling height of 4.30 m and a load crane (load capacity up to 500 kg) that can be reached from outside, all imaginable events can be held in the art gallery in a distinctive atmosphere. State-of-the-art conference technology such as radio-controlled LCD projectors or smart boards are available. Stage elements for a stage area of up to 24 m², lecterns and a powerful sound system with various wireless microphones are also available. Your participants surf with free high-speed WiFi. In the Penck Hotel Dresden you will also find 6 other, partly combinable, bright and air-conditioned conference rooms for group work, parallel sessions or as an office.