The sustainable and careful use of natural resources is an important matter to us. Therefore, each of our departments contributes to a more sustainable workflow. The Penck Hotel Dresden is GreenSign certified and always improving to be as climate-friendly as possible in the future.

Energy Efficient Measures in all Departments


20% less energy consumption

Air Conditioning

Our chiller was replaced with a brand new system in 2021 which is distinctly more efficient and saves energy and water. Besides the coolant being more eco-friendly, the upgraded unit reacts according to demand and is a lot quieter.

More than 13,000 kWh saved


We do without minibars in our Classic Rooms, consequently reducing our electricity consumption by over 13,000 kWh per year and thus saving a large amount of CO2. Of course, you are provided with a selection of drinks at the reception around the clock.

Artificial light is optional

Natural Light Sources

Thanks to the glazing of our meeting rooms and restaurant, we save energy through the incident daylight. Excessive use of the air conditioning system can be prevented by using our blackout blinds.

No electricity waste while you explore the city

Room Card Slot

The power in our rooms is only activated when the room card is inserted, which means that no energy is wasted while the room is not in use.

Intelligent Illumination

Lighting on Demand

Energy-saving LEDs are used in the building, motion detectors ensure that they are only in operation when needed. Our timers for outdoor lighting adapt to the season and are therefore do not operate unnecessarily.

Green Power Sources

Power Supply

Penck Hotel Dresden uses bio-gas and is  powered by green electricity from a natural energy mix by 75%.



Sustainable Work Equipment


Our housekeeping team uses biodegradable cleaning products to avoid unnecessarily polluting our groundwater with chemicals.

Ecological Cycle

Green Roof

The Kunsthalle Dresden has a green roof, which creates an ecological balance. It improves the climate by storing rainwater, producing oxygen, filtering air and absorbing radiation. In addition, the evaporation capacity of the plant layer can lower heating costs of the space below.



Check-In online? No problem!


Digitalised processes both internally and in everyday business minimize unnecessary paper consumption. By using our online check-in option you not only save time, but also do something good for the environment.

Green Meetings

Wipe, don’t crumble.

In the meeting rooms, blackboards, whiteboards and write-on walls can be used instead of flipcharts.

Making recycling possible

Waste Separation

Waste separation is, across all departments, an important matter to us and we regularly train our staff in this regard.

Throw away less

Waste Reduction

We test and experiment with new products as well as communicate the significance of reusable systems instead of single-use goods and portion packaging to our staff and guests.

We also do without small doses of individual shower gel and have installed refillable shower gel bottles in the rooms.

From locals, for locals.

Supply Chain

To avoid long delivery routes and support local businesses, we focus on regionality. Most of our food and beverages come from local bakeries, butchers and wineries. The distances to the laundry are also kept short. Learn more about our partners here.

Meet sustainably.

Green Meetings

As a sustainable conference option, we offer our green meeting package. In addition to the seasonal and regional catering, the writing pads are FSC-certified natural paper. Our Sprout pencils can be planted after use. We donate 1 euro per participant to our partner HODLWOOD.



Fighting Cancer

Sonnenstrahl e.V.

For every room service saved, we donate two euros to Sonnenstrahl e.V. Dresden.

Would you like to learn more about the work of Sonnenstrahl e.V.? Then feel free to visit the association on the Internet at

Fighting Cancer

NCT University Hospital Dresden

We regularly support the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) in Dresden of the University Hospital Dresden by providing rooms free of charge for charity events.

Young Stars

Sponsoring Sports Club “Pesterwitz”

We support the youth sports club Pesterwitz e.V. near Dresden with jerseys, tracksuits, winter jackets and volunteer work, among other things.

We secure biodiversity on our doorstep!


Our goal is to create the first HODLWOOD meadow orchard in Saxony together with HODLWOOD UG and thus protect, preserve and resettle the diversity of species and varieties for future generations.

This means that up to 16 tons of CO2 will be offset each year.

So we are diligently collecting HODLWOOD space together for saved room cleaning and when booking Green Meetings.