Brühlsche Terrasse

Katholische Hofkirche




01067 Dresden

Felix im Lebendigen Haus


Moka Café

Moka Café
Schützengasse 2
01067 Dresden

T1 Bistro & Café

Erich Kästner Museum

Antonstraße 1
01097 Dresden

Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister
Theaterplatz 1
01067 Dresden


Taschenberg 2
01067 Dresden


Elbepark Dresden

Peschelstraße 33
01139 Dresden


Prager Straße

Centrum Galerie


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  • Attractions
    • Schwebebahn

    • Zoo

    • Brühlsche Terrasse

      Erected as part of the Dresden fortifications in the 16th century. The name goes back to Heinrich von Brühl, who had the Brühl’s glories (gallery, library, belvedere, palace and garden with pavilion) built on the fortress.

    • Semperoper

      The Semperoper is one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world and is the seat and main venue of the Saxon State Orchestra Dresden

    • Katholische Hofkirche

      The cathedral, also known as the Catholic Court Church, is an impressive and largest church building in Saxony and has been the cathedral of the Dresden-Meißen diocese since 1980.

    • Residenzschloss

      The Renaissance building from the 15th century houses the historic and the new green vault, the copperplate cabinet, the armoury and the coin cabinet.

    • Fürstenzug

      The Fürstenzug connects the Neumarkt with the Schlossplatz behind the Residenzschloss. On the 101 meter long mural made of Meissen porcelain tiles, the rulers of the House of Wettin are depicted as a cavalcade.

    • Frauenkirche

      The reconstructed Frauenkirche in the center of the old town is the heart of Dresden. The monumental Protestant church built between 1726 and 1743 is the city’s old and new landmark.

  • Restaurants
    • Felix im Lebendigen Haus

    • Yenidze

  • Cafés
    • Moka Café

    • T1 Bistro & Café

  • Museums & Galleries
    • Erich Kästner Museum

      Das Erich Kästner Museum in Dresden, der Geburtsstadt des Dichters, wurde 1999 gegründet und im Jahr 2000 eröffnet. Es befindet sich in der „Villa Augustin“ an der Antonstraße 1 sowie dem Albertplatz in der Inneren Neustadt.

    • Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

    • Rüstkammer

      The armory in Dresden, also known as the “Historisches Museum Dresden” since 1831, is part of the Dresden State Art Collections and is one of the world’s most important collections of splendid weapons, armor and historical textiles.

    • Albertinum

  • Shopping
    • Elbepark Dresden

      Großes Shopping Center mit über 180 Geschäften.

    • Neumarkt

    • Prager Straße

    • Centrum Galerie

    • Altmarktgalerie

The Penck Hotel Dresden is centrally located in downtown Dresden. The historic old town with Zwinger, Semperoper, castle and Frauenkirche can be reached in just 5 minutes. It is only a stone’s throw to the Elbe meadows. The trendy district of Dresden Neustadt can also be reached quickly by tram.

The ICD International Congress Center Dresden is only approx. 300m away. The Dresden Exhibition Center, the location of numerous trade fairs and large congresses, can also be reached on foot in about 15-20 minutes or in 5 minutes by car or public transportation.