Creativity-Space Y

The idea behind our Creativity Space Y is nothing less than to create a unique conference room that has never existed in Dresden in this form and for meetings with up to 50 people.

From bar camp to training to workshops – the ground-level, 150 m² room Y offers the perfect setting for every event. Table football, Lego-corner, ping pong set, piano and pallet furniture for the break in between, moss walls and plant-pallet-wall together with real wood parquet ensure an ideal room climate, 13m² completely writable whiteboard wall and original elementary school blackboard to record creative outcomes.

We arrange your event according to your ideas, whether a U-shape for 25 people, a circle of chairs for 20  people, parliamentary or theater seating.

Suitable for:
creative team-meetings, brainstorming
trainings and workshops
group rooms
organisation office (close to main conference room Kunsthalle)


– 150m²

– radio-controlled LCD projector

– Meeting room with natural light

– 13 m² writable whiteboard wall, original elementary school blackboard

– Football table, ping pong set, piano, Lego corner

– separate area with pallet furniture, moss walls

– High-speed WiFi 120mbit free of charge

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