Let’s save the world together!

Our goal is to create the first HODLWOOD meadow orchard in Saxony together with HODLWOOD UG and thus protect, preserve and resettle the diversity of species and varieties for future generations.

What is the HODLWOOD?                                                                                                                                                                      The pilot project has been running in Markendorf near Frankfurt Oder since this year. Where there was previously a monoculture, a natural meadow orchard was planted over an area of ​​10,000 square meters, with 100 fruit trees storing around 16 tons of CO2 per year. In addition, about one ton of CO2 is compensated per year by the honey bees that have settled there. The HODLWOOD in Markendorf is part of a research project with the TU Berlin. We will soon be able to tell you more about the planned HODLWOOD in Saxony.

What does HODLWOOD UG do?                                                                                                                                               This creates permanent hotspots for biodiversity directly in the region. Orchards will be preserved, mixed deciduous forests will be reforested, and old tree populations will be cared for and protected. Tree cavities are installed and maintained for wild honey bees, and herb and flower meadows are created for insects. All further information can be found HERE

What does that mean in detail for the planned HODLWOOD Sachsen?                                                                                On the one hand, meadow orchards are newly planted, on the other hand, existing areas are taken care of.

Newly created meadow orchard biotopes are planted with old standard fruit trees that are typical of the region. These include: Oberlausitzer Muskatrenette, Minister Doctor Lucius, Saxon King Apple, Saxon Yellow Reindeer, Maibiers Parmane and many other varieties.

Incubators for hoopoes, little owls and bats will be installed, thus promoting biodiversity.

In the case of already existing orchards, the old trees of the 15 to 180 year old apple, pear, cherry and plum trees are cared for and the dark honey bee is resettled in the corresponding tree cavities.


What role das the Penck Hotel play in this?

Our commitment to the HODLWOOD is a major component of our sustainability concept. More information is available HERE.

Room cleaning

Our room cleaning takes place every second day (can of course also be done daily on request). We donate a fixed amount to the HODLWOOD each month.

With this sum, 480 m² HODLWOOD can be created per year and a maintenance period of 15 years can be guaranteed.

Green Events

As part of booked conferences/meetings/events in our hotel, compensation packages can be purchased in the following sizes.

Event S up to 15 people – 135 EUR (all prices are net)

Event M up to 40 people – 360 EUR

Event L up to 70 people – 630 EUR

Event XL up to 100 people – 900 EUR

Event XXL for more than 100 people – EUR 1,350

For this, our customers receive a personalized certificate and we can thus purchase additional HODLWOOD m².

After the successful completion of the current research project together with the TU Berlin, it will be able to be certified and take up the HODLWOOD as a pilot project.