Our hygiene concept. The protection of all guests, employees and external parties such as craftsmen and suppliers is our top priority.

Measures to be implemented before the reopening and during the hotel operation based on the general ordinance of the Free State of Saxony from

Scope: All areas and employees (abbreviated MA) of the hotel for an indefinite period

Update: ongoing

Hygiene officer: Mr. Antoni Knobloch

If you have any questions about our hygiene concept or are concerned about anything related to your stay, please speak to us on site or contact us on 0351 4922-0 or via hello@penckhotel.de .

Update, 10/22/2020:

According to the general decree of the state capital Dresden, the correct wearing of a mouth and nose cover is mandatory for everyone in all publicly accessible areas of the hotel. In addition to the restaurant and elevators, this also applies to the lobby, the stairs and corridors on all floors, the parking garage, toilets and the conference foyer.

Between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. we do not serve any alcoholic beverages and we do not sell any from our market place.


  • Throughout the building, we use appropriate signs and pictograms to inform our guests about the applicable distance rules and hygiene measures. Specifically, this happens at all entrances and exits, in the restaurant, on every floor in front of the elevators and in the stairwell, in the elevators and on the in-room tablets.
  • In the lifts, it is compulsory to wear a mouth and nose cover correctly. A mouth and nose cover must also be worn in the restaurant, except at your own table. This applies above all to entering / leaving the restaurant and to everyone in the restaurant, especially to / from and at the breakfast buffet.
    Disinfection racks are available at the entrances and exits as well as on the individual floors.
  • The inputs and outputs are separated using appropriate markings.
  • Areas in which a higher volume is generally expected (including in front of the reception, in front of the elevators, etc.) are marked with appropriate distance markings.
  • The furniture in our lobby has been reduced to allow a minimum distance of 1.50 m between the seating furniture.
  • Our sauna area will remain closed for the time being.
  • The documentation of the absence of symptoms for all employees in the kitchen and service area is carried out daily when they start work with their signature.


  • In order to keep the risk of infection for our employees low, the reception will only be manned by one person at a time. Should this lead to waiting times, we ask for your understanding.
  • The handovers between the individual shifts are kept as short as possible. All relevant information is transferred digitally without having to deal with unnecessary paper.
  • Each employee is responsible for handing over the keyboard, mouse and other work equipment used disinfected to the next employee.
  • To protect our employees and guests, the reception counter is equipped with plexiglass walls.
  • All room cards are disinfected after each use. Of course, this also happens with all pens, documents, etc.
  • As long as we have your email address, we will send you the required registration form after your booking and ask you to fill it out and send it back to us or bring it with you on arrival in order to avoid unnecessary time at the reception. If this is not done in advance, we ask you to fill out the registration form in your room and hand it in at reception on the day of arrival.
  • If possible, we would like to ask you to make your payment cashless or to give us your credit card details in advance.
  • After check-out, you will only receive a printed invoice on paper from us if you expressly request it. Standardised invoices are sent to the email address provided.
  • We ask for your understanding that we are currently unable to store your luggage at the reception.
  • All necessary information about opening times of museums, excursion tips, etc. can be found on the in-room tablets and on the information desk in the lobby, which are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • We removed all of the books in our lobby. City maps and further information are available from reception on request.

Breakfast & restaurant

  • A mouth and nose cover must be worn correctly in the restaurant – except at your own table and on the terrace. This applies above all to entering / leaving the restaurant and to all walks in the restaurant, especially to / from and at the breakfast buffet.
  • In accordance with the current regulations in Saxony, we offer a breakfast buffet. The buffet areas are enlarged to avoid queues. There are also sneeze guards everywhere and the distances in front of the buffet routes are marked. The serving cutlery is replaced and disinfected at regular intervals.
  • Of course, we pay attention to the prescribed minimum distance between the tables.
  • There is also a disinfectant dispenser in front of the restaurant entrance.
  • The cleaning of dishes, cutlery, glasses etc. takes place at 96°C and thus guarantees a corresponding killing of all germs.
  • As soon as guests have left a table, it is cleaned with disinfectant.
  • We set cutlery at the table or use cutlery pockets.
  • You cannot currently take a seat at our bar. We ask you to inform the staff at your table about your order.
  • Please keep your cloakroom with you at the table.
  • If you have the option, please pay cashless.

Events and meetings

  • Due to our spacious event rooms, we can guarantee a seat spacing at individual tables of 1.50 m between all participants.
    Feel free to contact us regarding your event planning. With our high-performance fiber optic connection of 200 Mbit/s, interference-free video conferences can also be guaranteed.
  • Every event takes place in the largest possible space in order to avoid cramped conditions in advance.
  • All of our event rooms have windows that can be opened so that they can be ventilated regularly while they are in use.
  • You can of course also find disinfection stands on our event floor.
  • Conference technology and all equipment is regularly disinfected.
  • You will find corresponding distance markings in the break areas.
  • We have purchased additional fully automatic coffee machines in order to straighten out accumulations during the breaks. During the breaks, we will disinfect the coffee machine’s touchpads several times. Please understand if this leads to short waiting times.
  • Each table in the event room has its own beverage bottles and bottle openers for the participants.
    Buffets have been possible again in Saxony since 06/06/2020, taking all hygiene protection measures into account. Depending on the booked service and the number of participants, we sometimes serve the food, provide several appropriately protected food stations or the food is served to each guest by our staff at food stations. This is possible for both the break and lunch.
  • Of course, we can also give your conference participants ready-made lunch boxes.

Housekeeping / room cleaning

  • A cleaning plan specially adapted to the current requirements is meticulously implemented by our staff. The cleaning of all neuralgic surfaces and objects in the rooms receives special attention.
  • All writing utensils are dispensed with in the rooms. Everything you need can be obtained from our reception upon request.
    The dirty laundry from the departure rooms is collected and properly stored directly in the designated areas, without guests coming into contact with the laundry trolleys.
  • The cleaning interval throughout the house has been increased. All handles, handrails, public toilets and the parking ticket machines are cleaned and disinfected every hour.
  • In order to avoid unnecessary stays by our staff in the guest rooms, the rooms are only cleaned every 2 days for stays of more than 1 night. If you need additional hygiene products or similar during your stay. please contact us.


  • All employees in the offices are required to work staggered or to do their work in the home office. Due to the digitisation strategy that we have been pursuing throughout the company since the relaunch in 2018, the relevant requirements are met by all employees.
  • The employees are instructed to adhere to the distance rules in the offices as well.
  • All work equipment such as PCs etc. are used as personal as possible.
  • Discussions and meetings should be held by video or telephone conference if possible.
  • Shared offices must be ventilated every half hour.
  • All communication with customers, suppliers, authorities etc. takes place as digitally as possible or by telephone.

All departments

  • All employees of the Penck Hotel Dresden have received instruction on the currently applicable rules of conduct, distance and hygiene, as well as protective measures.
  • Hands are washed and disinfected regularly.
  • The hotel provides sufficient protective masks and gloves for all employees.
    Group formation is avoided.
  • If it is possible for employees, they should appear on duty in uniform without having to use the changing rooms. In general, the changing rooms may be max. can be used by 2 people at the same time.
  • Break times are equalised. The staff meal is offered longer, max. 2 people can be in the lounge at the same time.
    The work clothes are given to the dry cleaner every day after being worn.
  • Notes and displays in several languages ​​are also clearly visible for all employees in the personnel area.
  • All previous rules and regulations (HACCP etc.) naturally remain valid.